Marching Into Our Hearts


20161104_203415“A band is not proud because it performs well; it performs well because it is proud.” 
~George Parks

Over the years our band has received many titles and rewards, but MPA has to be one of the most important, it’s the last time we perform our show and it’s where we went get show people that Cocoa is not at all terrible like some like to say. Over the last four months we’ve worked our butts off, having practice everyday and performing at the football games. We started practice in July and have improved our marching, playing, and team ethics. We started the season out rough, we had a hard time at practices because  members wouldn’t listen to the drum major and didn’t have the best of attitudes. But we’ve improved, we get along better and are always looking to make each other laugh.

Mr. Hottel, the band director, has only worked here 2 years and has built on to the legacy Mrs. Gardner left him. He was straight out of Florida State and had never directed before this job, he’d played in FSU’s band for the entirety of his time there. Mr.Hottel has worked hard to bring the band to where they are now and we can’t thank him enough, and that’s from a guard member’s perspective.

On October 29 we headed to Melbourne High School for MPA, where we performed our show Circus of Dreams, which included songs : Ludwig & Wolfgang, Reve Rouge, and Urban. There we performed along with other schools, like Astronaut and Melbourne. We performefb_img_1478794001216d for a score between Fair and Superior. I can tell you that everyone was nervous, especially the seniors. This was our last performance and we knew we had to make it our best, not just for a good score but for self-satisfaction. For most of us we’ve been playing an instrument or spinning a flag for three or more years, this is it for us, it was our last chance to perform with people we consider family.

MPA is one of the most important events for marching band and the score we receive tells us what kind of band we are. It tells us that our hard work paid off and we all did are absolute best. And we did. We received an excellent overall and we were all very ecstatic. And guard received a SUPERIOR! For the first time since I started, we were given a score of superior and I can tell you personally I might’ve screeched a little on the bus. We definitely deserved that score, because even though we made personal mistakes, and an unscripted solo, we performed our best and we made our coach Kylie extra proud, especially Joslyn, she didn’t drop the flag once.

I don’t think many people take us band kids very serious, and I can see why, sometimes we get a little too excited at games. But we have heart, and are passionate about what we do, and take pride in not only our school but in each other as well. We always support and congratulate each other, especially when one of the guard members finally catches a toss they’ve been having a hard time with. We always try and make everyone laugh, even though we might not get along all of the time. And you know what, I’m going to miss my Friday nights with the band geeks, I don’t think I’ve ever met so many people who can make smile with just one weird look.