Guest Editorial: Late Work

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Have you ever been confused whether or not your teacher will accept your work because you just finished it, but it was due last night? Many teachers have different policies and it’s hard to keep track of who accepts it late and who doesn’t. Teachers should all have the same policies it’s hard enough for students to have to keep track of all of their work and remember what teachers allow certain things and who don’t. It would make everything much easier to have one set standard for everyone to follow. The best policy on late work should be ten points off per day this allows a little bit of leeway, with still having a strict understanding that every day is a letter grade off of your work no matter how good the assignment may be. This also gives a time limit every assignment you can get a 100 on but taking ten points off of that per day would only allow a student ten days to turn it in until it hits a zero. This would be a strict policy but would also allow students who have a legitimate reason to turn in their assignments late with only a small penalty and save teachers from the whining and constant excuses heard from kids every day. This policy is a win-win on both ends of the situation.
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Guest Editorial: Late Work