Senior Wills and Testaments

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Senior Wills are designed to be an outlet for “shout-outs” to fellow seniors, underclassmen, parents/guardians, teachers/coaches, etc. Typically, seniors “will” or leave behind some of their greatest qualities to other seniors or other students at Cocoa High. Some of these qualities can be their intelligence, good looks, athletic/artistic/musical/ ability, etc. They can also just give thanks, tell people of their plans for the future or recall important/funny/amazing moments in your life that you don’t want people to forget. 

Here’s the link to fill out your information for Senior Wills and Testaments for Cocoa News Network.

Class of 2017 Senior Wills and Testaments

If you can keep your will under 100 words and without any controversial notes (no cursing, no gang slang, etc.), you’ll find yours and your fellow seniors’ wills on the Cocoa Tiger Times! Any Wills over 125 words will NOT be used.

Students should write their will in this format.

I, _______(your first and last name)_______________________, will my ________________________________________________________________________

to ______________________________________________________________________.

Here are a few examples:

I, Darcey Mains, being of optimistic mind and pessimistic body, do hereby bequeath the following: to Fleck- numerous years as guard soloist, Jessie- All Things Bright and Beautiful, Trish- Oh Captain My Captain, Brandi M.- Chicken Nuggets, Jen- The Chiefs and, apparently, my Verve Pipe CD, Andrea- 3 more years and a job at Knapp’s, Coleman- “Lucy was pretty, your best friend agrees…”, Kristen- “What if we need to leave and come back?”, Lori L.- pork chops and applesauce, Justin K.- permission to attend guard practice, find a crate, and a laugh AMAP, Stephen W.- time to learn my name, everyone in my circle of friends- I love you, I’ll miss you, and best wishes, the rest of the Class of `98- Good Luck in everything.

I, _(Lisa Rang), want to first and foremost thank God for all of his many blessings. I also want to thank my parents. I love you both sooo much! Thanks for everything! To Jason, thanks for always being there for me, especially when the times were toughest. To Alisha, never forget the good times at 7-11. To Cecilia, my sister and bestest friend ever, we go back all the way to Birney, girl! I can’t wait for college together. U-Dub, here we come!

I, (Jose Rang), don’t want to leave any of my talents for the underclassmen. I’ll need all of them in the Navy. These whole four years at Mount Tahoma have been a journey for me. All of the hardships and downfalls I have experienced have prepared me for the life I have chosen in the Armed Forces. Without my friends, family and the teachers at Mount Tahoma I never would be where I am now or where I’m going! Take care, Class of 2010. No one did it like we did it.

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Senior Wills and Testaments