Is Cheerleading A Sport?


Written By: Cindel Perrusquia

Cheerleading, a sport or club? The argument of whether cheerleading is a sport or not has always been a controversy. Brevard county views cheerleading as a club rather than a sport, but to Cocoa Cheerleaders, cheerleading is a lot more than that.

Our cheerleaders practice day and night, rain or shine, to bring the most energy to crowds. Cheerleaders must complete a physical, watch safety videos and cheer at games. A group of cheerleaders is referred to a Cheer Team, with a Captain, and matching uniforms.

I had the amazing opportunity to interview a few of our fellow cheerleaders to see what they have to say about cheerleading.  Jade Beninger, a Junior, feels that cheerleading is most definitely a sport, when I asked Jade about cheerleading she said “it is physically demanding, we lift girls in the air all the time and your muscles have to bear with it. Cheerleading is more than just cheers and chants.”

Cheerleaders have to be able to hold their fellow teammate up in the air multiple times during their routine, as well as tumble half the time. From practice to games, cheerleaders have to run, jump, stunt and cheer. The perfect cheers we see every Friday night on the field have been practiced from days to weeks in advance.

Many of the cheerleaders have been cheering since they were young, including their amazing coach, Coach Marrah. Coach Marrah started cheerleading in the fifth grade and all throughout college.

I asked Coach Marrah what she thinks about cheerleading not being listed as a sport and she, like many finds it annoying.  She said “It’s very annoying when I look for cheerleading and I have to check under activities, along with Band.” How is it that cheerleading is psychically demanding but isn’t recognized for it?

Other counties like Osceola list cheerleading under Athletics, so why doesn’t Brevard? Who decides if cheerleading is a sport or not? Have they ever cheered? Have they ever been to a cheer practice? To us, cheerleading is a sport. Every cheerleader, every cheer coach, every athlete will tell you, cheerleading is a sport.




Pictures: Gabe Larracas