Robbery on Campus?

 Tuesday, January  16,  an average day at Cocoa High, or was it?

A few students reported that money and chargers were missing from their cars, all students also reported that their car seats were moved all the way back. Handprints were left on the cars, as well as a broken aux cord.

The Cocoa High Student Planner states that ” Students ARE NOT PERMITTED to visit their vehicles during the day for any reason unless they have prior permission from an administrator (Driving and Parking),” the same planner also states ” Students who choose to bring cash or items of value on campus do so at their own risk (Victims of Theft). ”

Many students who were/not victims are outraged, the robbery could’ve happened to anyone. Though the victims did NOT lock their cars, a school parking lot shouldn’t be a place where students have to worry about what someone will do their car.

Kaci Cox, a victim, stated that “after school [her] charger was gone and that [her] wallet was open.” Kayla Malowski, yet another victim said ” they took all my change and charger. ”

How was it possible that someone or a group of people were able to get into more than 4 cars and counting? How was it that no one noticed the robbery?

Remember to lock your cars.