College in Brevard County

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Credit: Luky Triohandoko,

In Brevard County, ninety-one percent of the population hold some type of high school education, and twenty-eight percent of the population has obtained a higher education to the level of a bachelors degree. Brevard also boasts an extremely low drop out rate of only nine percent. These are quite positive numbers with respect to surrounding counties and the general state of Florida. Cocoa High School has a graduation rate of seventy-five percent, which is also a positive number. All of these items are well paired with the early collegiate advancements extended to the students by the school. Cocoa High School offers eight AP courses and a Dual Enrollment program that provides students with the possibility of graduating high school with an Associates degree. The general number of students in non-math and science AP courses is quite high, this depicts the demand for those benefits. Sam Moran, a senior here at Cocoa High School said: “I took A.P. Human geography and A.P. World History.”  Sam stated that these courses provided “more critical thinking skills when analyzing.” In summary of his own statement, wherein he gave an overview of many skills he gained from participating in those classes. Jordan Rocco, a Junior, recounted the teachers of these courses: ” Having a teacher, last year, Mr. Hammond, who gives you lectures prepares you for college because that’s how many of the teachers will be.” This is in reference to the way professors at the college level go about teaching their Courses. “It prepares you for what the atmosphere will be like in College.” He stated in sum.

Students can benefit greatly from not only researching and understanding college before attending but also participating in classes furthering one’s preparedness and in some cases even early completion of collegiate requirements. This type of forwarding action by students is greatly rewarded in the way of opportunity. Not only does this experience provide an insight into what a student may be doing in their post-graduate college participation, it also allows the student to further their own return from these colleges. This means understanding what they may actually want to Major in when they apply for college and the college that they want to attend. Students troubled with many issues ranging from the ability to pay for college to being accepted can be consoled with the help offered by Brevard County. There are many general scholarships allotted to those who apply, these scholarships allocate a certain amount of money for students to aid in affording college tuitions. Many of these scholarships are provided by foundations specifically created for the purpose of assisting those who are unable to afford tuition, while some others obligate an academic feat to be completed and submitted by students. Many of these scholarships can be found on the Brevard Public Schools site at this location, These scholarships coupled with the financial aid provided by the U.S. Department of education can allow most anyone who wishes to further their education by attending college to do so. Furthering one’s own education is an extremely important decision to make, as it may determine one’s future.

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