School Safety

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As a student at Cocoa High School in Brevard County I can only imagine what the students, teachers, families and Broward County schools are going through after the Stoneman Douglas School Shooting. This shooting has opened people’s eyes around the world and especially our school campus. It has been an ongoing topic in each and every classroom because these are our lives on the line. We don’t want to ever experience a school shooting but we have to be prepared. Teachers have asked for a lock down drill earlier in the year to practice if ever in this situation. I personally am interested in our school’s safety so I took an adventure around the campus. Every gate I reached upon I asked myself  “Can this protect us from dangerous people?” or “Is this gate keeping the people out or people in ?” In my opinion, the campus has several gates and barricades but there is always a way to walk,climb,or jump in our school without causing a frenzy. Do you think our school is secure? I believe we should invest in more security officers around campus and a specific guard that watches surveillance cameras throughout the school day. This will increase our safety during school hours and ensure students they are being protected. What are your thoughts about teachers who are certified to own a gun to leave it in there classroom secured in case of emergencies?



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School Safety