Senior Wills



It is time to leave behind the ups and downs of high school as a whole, though the memories will forever stick around, there are things that Seniors want to leave behind.

Senior Wills used to be a tradition here at Cocoa High, and it’s time to bring it back.

Here are a few examples of how to start:

I, ____, being of sound in everything, leave behind…

I, ____ , being in sound body, confused mind, and a semi-found soul leave behind….

I, ____, being of sound mind and body, leave many things to many people. I leave…

I, ____ , of knowledge, strength, and sweetness …

Here’s an example of how it should somewhat resemble:

I, Louis Borg, being of sound mind and body, leave many things to many people. I leave behind all my tardy passes to my favorite freshman, Jonathan Wales. I leave behind my laziness to the upcoming seniors, senioritis is real my dudes. Homework sucks, but trust me you NEED to do it, it’s so easy to fall behind Senior year. Mrs.Elizabeth, I leave behind my drawings on all my homework assignments to you, hopefully upcoming students don’t continue it. To all administration, I leave behind my everyday arguments about my pants “sagging too low.” To my little cousins, keep the “Borg Legacy” going, in a good way.  Senior year ended too soon, but the memories will last forever.

The rules for Senior Wills are as followed:

  1. No vulgar words or phrases.
  2. No offensive comments.
  3. Do address people in a nice manner.
  4. Do express who you are.
  5. Don’t bring anyone down, including yourself.
  6. Feel free to mention anyone that has been in your life throughout high school.

Please click on the link below to fill out your Senior Will and have it published. Tiger Times reserves the right to publish or not publish Senor Wills.

Want to be extra? Turn in 10 Tiger Tickets to Ms.Skipper to read your Senior Will on the news.