Cindel Perrusquia’s Senior Will

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I, Cindel Perrusquia, leave behind my giggly, bright, and motivational personality to Jata Foltson. I leave behind my dramatic being to Jade Beninger and my makeup savviness to Ms.Skipper, I know I have influenced you a lot on what you know. To Mrs.Robinson, I hope you find someone who makes you wonder why you’re stuck teaching them for 6 years, like you taught me. To whoever has Mrs.Phillips, READ THOSE BOOKS, I promise you the sooner you start the better and trust me you’ll be having dreams of a crazy lady living in your soon to be husbands attic. To my little sister, Xiomi, I know you told everyone we aren’t related but our blood says different, you’re 100% my sister. Mr.Hammond, thanks for always being extra sweet to me, ever since that one day in 10th grade when I cried because I failed your test. To anyone who ever takes Mrs. Brockmeyer, LAUGH AT HER JOKES; trust me, they’re actually funny, and her laughing will make you feel great. To Dr.Ocker, I owe you so much love and respect, if it wasn’t for you, Gustavo Arguello and I would not be as close as we are now. You’re the reason we are who we are now. To anyone in a high school relationship, breaks up will happen. Most the time no one ends up with the same people, but props to whoever does. Senior year will be the year you lose people you don’t think you should, but it will shape you to be the person you are. To my cousin Nadia, I know you want to be a “Cindel 2.0” and as long as you join every club, you will succeed. I am very proud of the person you are, and you shouldn’t want to be another me. Be yourself, and leave behind your legacy. To Tasha (Natasha), I hope you always have someone to speak to in Spanish, even though you don’t speak Spanish, and half the time you have no idea what you’re saying.  To Gloriliz, you’ll always be the sassiest girl in my heart. To all the upcoming seniors, do everything, attend everything and be yourself. You’ll never relive your high school years.

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Cindel Perrusquia’s Senior Will