Gustavo Arguello’s Senior Will


I, Gustavo Arguello , leave behind all of the work from Mrs. Hieber’s class to the upcoming rising seniors, believe me if you’re consistent with your work you will not fall behind. I leave behind the great portfolios from Mrs. Austin’s class, as it is A LOT of work, but in the long run it will save your grade greatly.To all the student drivers, trust me when I say pulling out of the student parking lot is not easy. The student parking lot is where friendships happen and end, those who let you pull in infront of them when leaving will forever stay in your heart. Teachers will take a joke to heart, do not and I repeat do not mention any other state to Mrs. Brockmeyer other than Ohio, GO OHIO! Or face the consequences. To Alan Arguello, I leave you the fly outfits and clean haircuts, as you my boy always look fresh and keep those grades up. Cindel, the lovely Cindel, thank you for becoming my friend my sophomore year, you’ve been be my side ever since we met and have showed me what a friendship means, and a big thank you for the memories we’ve created, I love you totes. A big thank you to all my teachers throughout my four years here at Cocoa High, and creating some of the best memories of my school career.