Kaylee Getts’ Senior Will



I, Kaylee Getts, being in sound body, confused mind, and a semi-found soul leave behind my odd style to those who feel like they don’t belong. I leave my thanks to Mr. Tidd, who had a place where I could make friends that were like me and a place where I met the love of my life, Miguel. I leave my arguments of notes being too high and that I have a “female type voice” to Dr. Martinez, hopefully you will get more voices that can sing any part. I leave my laughs with Ms. Fig for all the fun times from 7th period during 11th grade, hopefully you’ll have students that pay attention. I also thank Mrs. Robinson for at least giving me a chance and helping realize my acting potential. I leave the promise of coming back next year to see some of my favorite Juniors graduate. Finally, I leave behind advice for all of the students of Cocoa High. Only be absent when you have something serious going on, you can still go to school if you have a cold. If you are absent, ask your teachers twenty billion times “What did I miss?”, because you never know when a teacher could forget something and then you have a C because of an assignment you were never told about. When I first came to Cocoa High in 10th grade, I didn’t have anyone and thought I never would. I leave having met the love of my life and some of the best friends that I have ever had. I also leave having realized I am different, stubborn, and most importantly that I am who I am meant to be and that I don’t care if people laugh or anything. My time here was short, yet meaningful.