Girls Soccer Team Preview

The girls soccer team is ready to come back full swing this Tuesday, September 4 for conditioning. Last year our lady tigers brought home many wins, in our home stadium and at away fields.

They beat the Palm Bay pirates last year with three wins, two away and one home. They also dominated the Jones tigers with a score of 6-0. In this game, freshman Melany Rodas, who was in eighth grade at the time, managed to score a hat trick.

I had the opportunity to interview Melany, when asked if she had any highlights her years of playing with the Cocoa Tigers she said, “Yea, well I scored plenty of goals this year and made my first hat trick here.” Our girls soccer team is making memories and history here at Cocoa High School.

Although they are making fantastic progress, new players, upcoming seventh graders, or whoever is wanting to join, is welcome to. “Come see me at the locker room, and listen to announcements for more information,” words from the head varsity coach, Danielle O’Reilly.

New players are encouraged as they are the future of the soccer program, but also come out only if you are serious in the sport. Senior, and one of the varsity captains, Jenna Werle, says to new players, “Come out to play, not mess around.”

New players will be a key role, as Coach O’Reilly plans on taking her team far, when asked how does she think her team will be doing in ten years, she said, “We will have a strong program here at Cocoa, but hopefully we would have won state too.” If they continue positively as years go by, state will be on the tip of their fingertips.

Although there is glory, there is always room for improvement. Claudia Ramirez, senior, says she plans on, “improving, resistance, game tactics, and gain more wins this year.”

Make sure to attend and support our lady tigers this year, as our girls are also hyped up for the season to start already. As Ramirez remarkably stated, “I’m ready for the season to start, I feel like we can as a team set new records for cocoa girls soccer team and enjoy every last minute of it.”