A Snapshot Behind the Tiger Times News


Written By: Bindi Patel

Mr. Tidd’s 1st period TV production class is not just reading off of a screen, uploading the news, and going on with the day. In order to deliver a proper Tiger Times News segment, the reporters must make sure to get all of the information that was suggested by Cocoa High teachers and faculty.

Journalism is a class that helps with various aspects of publication and how to properly give a news report. Jordan Rocco, journalism member for 3 years, says “The best part of journalism is the experience and how much it helps with my future as a journalist”.

This class also helps develop investigative skills and journalist writing skills. It’s like a constant cycle every day. Keeping up with the world around us is a must. Cocoa High’s journalism team just recently came up with a new idea where we have a news segment, then a sports segment, a culture/student life segement, and  a weather segment.

With each segment, we must do the research and make sure we do not miss any news around Cocoa High that needs to be reported. Diane Jimenez stated “I love how we get to deliver news to people around the school and come up with different ideas on how to deliver it”.

When on camera, the key is to smile and understand the report you are delivering to the fellow Cocoa High students. Jatana Folston, a Journalism student for 2 years, stated that she “loves being in front of the camera and watching the video later in class”.

Editing and directing is another factor that comes with journalism class. When editing, the background, the music and cutting the clips and unnecessary videos is important. When directing, the anchors have to be in the frame at a perfect spot and the angles have to be in the right spot.

Overall, the journey in Journalism class isn’t just work, recording and more work. We have a great time in the Tiger Times Production class everyday in 1st period. Tasha Fuhrmann, a new student in journalism says the best part about the class is “Finding the joke of the day and having fun with it”.