SPORT SPOTLIGHT: Girls Soccer First Week of Conditioning


With soccer season a mere 4 weeks away, the lady tigers have been hard at work at their first week of conditioning. They have spent their time running up hills and around the campus, working out in the weight room, and even dancing at Zumba!

Conditioning before the season starts will improve their performance for this year’s season. Anyone is able to join and condition still to this day as the girl’s meet up in the girl’s locker room every afternoon- except Friday’s.

The workouts are quite rigorous and tire the girls. It also lets the girls know what they must work on before their four weeks of conditioning are over and they must be prepared for tryouts. Varsity player Chloe Deaton says she needs “to work on her stamina and staying energized”.

After one week of conditioning you can also figure out a couple things you dread about it. Deaton says, “One thing I dread about conditioning is hills. They’re actually really helpful and effective but it’s painful and nobody really wants to do them but they really do have an impact on your running.”

The girls can already notice the impact it is making as the first set of hills were much harder than the most recent ones they did, mentioned Stephanie Fernandez. Carla Gonzalez also agreed with Fernandez that “coming out to conditioning is helping me to improve for the season”.

The girls must get prepared as they face many challenging opponents this season. One being the Merritt Island Mustangs, although with their hard work they’re putting in they are destined to have a good game.

Working out can get tiresome and repetitive, but there are sometimes things you genuinely enjoy when working out. Gonzalez says what she looks forward to the most is when they go into the weight room.

While Deaton inspiringly stated, “Out of conditioning the thing I’ve enjoyed the most is seeing the progress of lifting heavier weights and pushing myself to what I thought I couldn’t do.”