The Stress for Success

Written By: Kathryn Hilbert

There’s a common conception that college is harder than high school. That after a student graduates high school the platform is suddenly way harder then what they were used to. It’s what high school teachers always tell students, right?

There are many flaws to this statement, however. This is because many students are already doing college at the same time as high school. These students find that their college class is the easiest.

High school students often find themselves in a rut, sitting in class all day long, five days a week. It can suck the life out of a person. In college students only have to go to class for a few hours a week and work on their own.

“The assumption that high school is harder than college? I’m not sure about it. College is definitely simpler, and it goes by faster, but I don’t know about harder,” said Jesse Marquardt, a senior.

“Dual enrollment is easier than high school in my opinion,” Said Lily Burke, a junior who has been doing dual enrollment for about two years now, “I get many benefits, like free food, knowledge that will help me in the future, and more opportunities for college.”

College teaches students that they need to grow up and take responsibilities for their education. Adding on to that, many papers are more sophisticated. Both the quality and quantity of papers increase in college as does the sophistication of all readings and assignments. So it is not to say that students don’t need to keep up with their work.

“It’s easier in a sense that the teacher doesn’t stop for one student that is struggling, college just keeps moving forward,” Said Tyler Heminger, a junior who has been doing dual enrollment for around three years, “In high school classes,the teachers give you homework and they treat me like I’m stupid and they baby me it’s like I get it, I’m not a child.”

All in all, even though it is established that college is harder than high school, it is not as hard as it appears to be. The student just has to be willing to put in the work to succeed because there is no one to lead them along the road to success.