The Tigers Varsity Volleyball Team Travels to the Westgate Ranch


Written By: Andrea Delcher

Each year, the Varsity Volleyball team takes a special trip. In previous years, the Tigers have traveled as far as Georgia and Idaho. The 2018 trip was a glamping trip. The Cocoa High Varsity Volleyball Lady Tigers traveled to Kissimmee to pursue their inner “yeehaw” at the West Gate Dude Ranch.

Their were a total of fifteen players that attended and five coaches. They left right after school on Friday, September 28th. The vacation lasted until Sunday afternoon.

During this trip, those who attended got to experience horse back riding, air boat riding, swimming, zip lining etc. Friday night, they made their own tin foil dinner. Saturday morning, they hiked to the Marina and boarded an air boat for their first air boat ride. Afterwards, they went swimming and horseback riding. That evening, they all dressed in plaid and went to dinner.

After the dinner, they attended a rodeo. In this rodeo, they experienced bull riding, barrel racing and horse riding. One of the players, participated in the rodeo, by entering and winning the event called, “Calf Scramble.”

When the rodeo ended, the block party started. Many players took on the mechanical bull and all eventually hopped onto the dance floor. I interviewed some of the players, asking them their thoughts on West Gate.

Myannah Robinson said, “It was fun and there was a petting zoo, we rode horses and an air boat and the cabins were nice. The restaurant food was very yummy, and I loved the rodeo but when the bull jumped all over the cowboy I got emotionally distraught. The end. .” Paul Keesee (Coach) said, ” It was fun to see the players havea good time.” Gwen Simpson said, “It was fun and amazing.” Ysabelle Rattray said, ” It’s a good place to go if you’re a redneck and I had alot of fun.”