Written By: Jillian Canfield

The JROTC Raider Team is back. Every year a group of JROTC cadets get together and participate in county, state, and national meets to compete against other high school cadets for the Cocoa High Raider Team.

In order to qualify for this team you must not only be physically fit, but mentally fit as well. This year the team’s commander is Cadet Captain Jacob Stickles with two Captains Second Lieutenant Matthew Larracas and Staff Sergeant Matthew Stickle.

While the students are in charge of practices, Sergeant Moreno is the one behind it all. In 2016, he even took the team to state but sadly they came up short. Last year our battalion was state qualifiers, but were not able to go because of lack of females.

Even after this they still go out with the same motivation and work together as a team. Every Monday and Wednesday these cadets are outside in the field practicing for upcoming meets.

They put hardwork and dedication into this program. Each year the Raider Team competes in five events including the 5k run, the rope bridge, the tire flip, cross country rescue (ccr), and the physical fitness challenge. The first meet of this years season will be held on October 13th at Viera, come out and be there to support the Tiger battalion!

As they come together to try and begin their win streak for the season. Last Saturday JROTC held the Raider bucket-drop at Publix.

The cadets went out on a weekend day at Publix and for every dollar that was given a push-up was done. The events are help to help pay for meets, and any events held for the entire battalion including Military Ball. This group is not only a team but it is a family that was made.