SPORT SPOTLIGHT: The Cocoa Tiger Regiment


Written By: Kathryn Hilbert

For many years the Cocoa Tiger Regiment has worked hard to receive many awards and titles, gaining a reputation for the songs played at the varsity football games and performed on the football field during halftime.

What many people don’t realize is there is another group on the field at the same time. The Tigerettes and Majorettes have been practicing for months to interpret in dance exactly what the band is playing.

Let’s not get the terminology confused. A Tigerette is a guard member who twirls the flag. A Majorette is a baton twirler. Together, they are known as the Tiger Regiment Color Guard.

“It can be so aggravating when people get us mixed up,” Says Sydney Schumers, the Majorette captain, “like we perform in the stands together but on the field we’re different.” Both accompanied by dance, movement, or gymnastics.

They do have one thing when stepping onto the field, however. Both groups perform using their facial expressions, equipment, and movement to make connections to the audience to enhance the meaning and feeling of the show.

“The halftime show is a story,” said Sydney Schumers, “The girls tell the story that goes along with what the band is playing. Like in Cool (the first song of the halftime show) we’re representing a gang that’s trying to play it cool after their leader gets murdered so the choreography is very smooth, very jazz-like.”

Further in the year, the Color Guard will have a bigger challenge. This takes form in solo and ensemble: an event where band students and other musicians get together and perform either in ensembles, or as a soloist. This includes Color Guard.

“It can be very nerve racking, especially for a solo. Because everyone’s eyes are on you” said Sydney Schumers. She made it through district solo and ensemble with a superior with distinction, the highest score that you could get. This even is entirely voluntary, and hard work as you have to make up the routines, pick the music, and pick out the uniform yourself.

“The satisfaction and the stress really pays off as soon as you get your results back and find how well you did,” said Sydney Schumers.
It’s not easy to perform anything.

Many people think Color Guard doesn’t work as hard as the band but this statement isn’t true. Color Guard actually practices the same amount of time as band. However, they just make it look easy.