Student Learning Skills: A Interview With Kara Rodgers About Learning Skills

Written By: Yuliza Godinez

Kara Rodgers, a freshman at Cocoa High School, has some ideas about what could improve her learning skills. She has a idea that “a nice quiet place to learn, is the best place for me to improve my learning skills and perform at the best I can”. I asked her “Where do you have room to improve?“ she said math because it’s hard for me and confusing, and it takes me more time than other subjects to learn”. I asked her, how much time do you spend on homework? “I spend almost an hour on homework”.

As we continued with the interview, I asked her “what helps you stay out of trouble in Cocoa High?” she responded by saying “ What helps me stay out of trouble is the teachers helping direct me the right way, and my friends giving me support also softball and having to maintain a 2.5 gpa”. Another question I had for her was “ has your grades improved since you have been going to Cocoa High School?” she said that “ My grades have gone up since 7th grade, i think that Cocoa Highs teachers help improve your want to learn and that has helped my grades plenty”.

The last and most important question I asked Kara was “ how is high school so far ? and how are the students different from middle school ?” she responded by saying that “High school is way different from middle school, middle school does not allow you to do as much as High school also in Middle school my grades didn’t matter but now they do because if I make good grades now it will help me get future jobs. The students are different, only because we get classes with the 10th 11th and 12th graders which makes it diverse and we get good role models to look up too”.

This is the end of the interview Kara was a interesting person to have interviewed.