What it Takes to be Apart of the Cocoa High School Homecoming Court

Written By: Bindi Patel

It’s that time of the year.. Homecoming season! On Saturday, October 20th, 2018 in the one and only Cocoa High gymnasium, homecoming is taking place. Apart of this event, comes homecoming court.

The freshman class has one princess and one prince, sophomores have 2 princesses and 1 prince, juniors have 3 princesses and 1 prince, and seniors have 5 princesses, 1 prince, 1 queen and 1 king.

Senior, Ahmariah Edgecomb said “I really hope I win homecoming queen, it’s just something I can tell my kids when I get older about.” The nominees must spread the word and basically bribe people into voting for them.

There are multiple ways to campaign. Giving out baked goods and candy is the first best option because who doesn’t like some fresh baked brownies and sweets in return for a vote? Akilah Davis said “I made sure I got plenty of candy to give out because I know how much everyone likes candy.”

The second best option that many people use is using their social media. Nominees make edits and send pictures to others on Snapchat with the words “Vote for.. Class of..” and others post on there social media to let everyone know who is running. Aiyana Bryant said “I made multiple edits for people to post because i need everyone to know who I am along with my name.”

People also make posters to hang up around campus for students to become aware of who is running and as well as getting shirts made and having people wear them to get the word around. Creativity pops in when running against others. Stickers are another option too.

Anything to lure others will help. October 8th-12th is campaign week and votes are put in English classes. Winners are announced on Friday the 12th over the intercom during 7th period. The homecoming court must attend the homecoming football game which is on Friday, October 19th, 2018 against Bartram Trail.

During half time, the court gets about 15 minutes of recognition and then announces King and Queen of homecoming. Going back to campaigning, in order to win, spreading the word is the key! De’Asia Andrews said “Campaigning is the most important aspect and I have definitely did a lot of it.”

Remember, people can get competitive, but take on the challenge and be determined. It’s a great high school experience overall!