What Does School Mean to You?

Written By: Diane Jimenez

School is a place where kids get educated. What does school really mean to you? School means safety, education and careness. Why point those three words out? Well let me explain to you. School is a place where students are suppose to feel safe and protected.

When you have a situation you have to settle you tell your teacher and they will help. School makes you feel confident with yourself. School is the main place that is going to get you to many places in life. Have you ever thought 4 simple walls help you in life.

Education is an important step in your life and once you get it your going to be able to get a better job and better career. Not all students think school is fun or enjoyable. Well, school is a place where you may have fun and can find it enjoyable. But it wasn’t physically built for that but for you to learn how to read, write and talk.

Teachers make you feel great and loved. Students make you feel important sometimes and sometimes they make you feel awful but at the end of the day there is one person that makes you feel good.

School is a good place. If you fall or trip there will be 1 person out of 5 that will bring you up and ask you if your okay. You built relationships in school. School has many hallways and many doors, rooms.

All those simple things are going help to get you a better life. Don’t just look at a school and say “ugh this again”. Remember once you’re out of school you’re going to want to come back.

After graduation you’re going to see all the good and awesome benefits there were in school. Graduation is what strives some students to keep trying. Good luck and remember school isn’t just school but it is an awesome environment. School is the place where you feel safe, cared about and educated.