CLUB SPOTLIGHT: The Academic Team

Written By: Kathryn Hilbert

Imagine being in class and the teacher randomly asks the question: What English Queen was referenced was the Nursery rhyme “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, How does your garden grow?” Keeping in mind the garden represents a graveyard full of Protestants she murdered.

To many, this seems like a very obscure question that doesn’t have a very obvious answer. But to these four students the answer comes very easily. As quick as the push of a button, actually. This is because every Monday for 8 weeks the Cocoa High Academic Team competes against other teams in the county for the chance at making it to state.

The 6 people with the highest stats (Questions right) will make it. “It makes you feel good about yourself, when you get the questions right” Said Kaleb Schwartz, a first year member on the academic team.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for them, however. Competitions actually proves to be very hard. “We’re a team of four going against teams that are far bigger. And the other teams are incredibly quick at answering,” Said Michael Browning, a first year member on the academic team.

The questions are usually very difficult and range in the studies of: English/Literature, Languages, Mathematics, History, Geography, Technology, and Humanities.

Typically each member specializes in one or more of the topics. Even though they are never 100% sure on the questions. “You only want to be 100% sure on the third round questions since they cost you the most points” Michael reported, “I’ll usually answer if I’m like 75% sure.”

Teams usually consist of five people at a table with thirty second substitutions halfway and after each of the three rounds. Cocoa does not participate in these however, because they only have four members.

“Everyone else that was asked to join was already too committed in other activities,” Reported Ms. Hoffman, the Academic Team’s coach. This will be her 10th year coaching the academic team.

To conclude, the competitions in their essence are a mixed form of difficult and fun. It’s like a brain teaser where everyone wants to work together to get the right answer. After all, it’s always fun to prove to other people how smart Cocoa High actually is.