EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Girls Soccer Team Attends a UCF Soccer Game

Written By: Nadia Puga

Last week the girl’s soccer team traveled a good one hour trip to the UCF campus in Orlando. When arrived they took on a tour by the assistant varsity coach Meagan O’Reilly, junior varsity coach Kassidy and assistant coach Michelle. They arrived around 5:30, eyeing a Jesus rally outside of the five story library.

Beginning their tour they entered into the UCF library, eyeing the different sectors of it. Continuing on into the commons through the leafy canopies, into the plethora of freshman dorms. Even Melany Rodas, varsity player, had something to say about it, “This place is huge!”.

Along the way coaches Michelle and Meagan would answer questions about the campus, since they were current students enrolled at said school. Waltzing on, they headed to the main UCF gym, which opened its doors in 2002, had a variety of activities one could take apart of.

Consisting of a rock climbing, a smoothie stand, track, basketball court, two story gym, and more- there was something for everyone!

Player Stephanie Fernandez was one of the many of us in awe as she stated in an interview, “There’s so many things to do. So many people too.”

Exiting the gym, there was the swimming pool and the more recent constructed dorms. The gang kept touring the enormous campus, “it would be impossible to tour this place in one day. You’d need to plan ahead and start early in the morning with supplies ready,” as said by coach Meagan O’Reilly.

After they walked to where there’s food sold, a plaza with a variety of things to chow down on. Afterwards, the girls walked to the soccer stadium and watched Orlando’s very own UCF Knights girls soccer game.

This game was wild since the beginning, starting off with one up. Cocoa girls soccer team played apart in the cheering during this match as well. The opponent’s coming back, towards the last ten minutes of the game.

The game went into overtime, causing a frenzy in the stadium. The opponents managed to score a goal in the first two minutes.

It was called off and called an offsides goal, then rethought and considered an official goal! “Nah man this game was rigged,” a lot of players had a lot to say about the calls the referee’s were making, but at the end of the day, as yours truly Nadia Puga says, “you win some, you lose some.”