EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Hispanic Heritage Month Luncheon

EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Hispanic Heritage Month Luncheon

Written By: Natasha Fuhrmann

Hispanic heritage month was celebrated through a lunch hosted by the ESOL staff as both teachers and students came together to commemorate their heritage. With caterers from Tequila Azul, everyone enjoyed delicious rice, chicken, beans, and cake while listening to speeches from Mrs. Borges, special guest John Musa, radio host of Rumba 100.3, and our very own, Principal Wilson.

“I really enjoyed my time there, even if i was just there for chorus. I really liked the music that was played the whole time, and especially the food.” junior, Jayda Wilson told. She was only one of the lucky students to attend this commemoration of ethnic culture, and with the energetic environment, she certainly wasn’t alone.

A beautiful performance on behalf of Dr. Martinez and choir, who sung “Riu riu chiu” and “Fla ba da” to represent Cocoa High’s diverse pride opened the memorial. Star of the show, Mr. john Musa had made the afternoon all that more special, as he showed off his radio host technique as he wandered through the audience. “I’m not fluent in Spanish, so I didn’t understand everything he said, but I really enjoyed how well he interacted with the audience,” says junior chorus member, Jayden Rodriguez.

He, as well as everyone else who attended, had witnessed how easily Mr. Musa had spoken to both students and teachers, even if they didn’t know a single word in spanish.

“My favorite part was Mrs. Johnson’s dance and the food,” Sydney Shumers, a junior at cocoa high says. “The food was delicious and the dance was really pretty.

I liked the music tool.” She describes. With a variety of lunch, as well as a delicious dessert, it was no wonder it was a favorite, especially paired with a dance performed by esol teacher, Mrs. Johnson, who even dressed for the occasion.

The luncheon hosted by Cocoa High’s esol team was truly an excellent celebration of heritage as many students around campus were allowed to be proud of where they come from.