EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Cocoa High School Homecoming

Written By: Nicholas Thompson

What is homecoming? Homecoming is a high school, college, or university game, dance, or other event to which people are invited. Cocoa High School’s homecoming occured on Saturday, October 20, 2018. The cost of the dance per person for Homecoming was 20 dollars.

The week before the dance is called spirit week. Spirit Week started Tuesday of that week because Monday was a student holiday. Tuesday was Twin day, Wednesday was College day, Thursday was Character day, and Friday was Crazy Orange & Black Day.

Homecoming took place in the Cocoa High School gymnasium from 7:00pm.-11:00pm. The theme of the dance was Whispering Woods and the gymnasium was decorated by the SGA who made most of the props by hand to made the theme come to life.

The entire gym was decorated entirely which made the experience great for the kids that attended the dance. Over 300 students attended the Cocoa High School Homecoming Dance. At the dance their were many things to do such as getting you picture taken with your date to the dance to dancing on the dance floor with friends.

They also served food such as wings and other delicious foods at the dance. The dance also had its very own DJ for the music during the dance. Everybody who came to the dance was very well-dressed wearing clothing such as suits and dresses.

Many people spend up to an average amount of 100 dollars on things such as their dress, suit, or getting their hair or nails done. 80% of all students who attended the dance said that they thought it was very fun and a enjoyable experience.