EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Cocoa High School 2018 Pep Rally

Written By: Diane Jimenez

The school pep rally is about excitement! Everyone in school likes going although some do not. What is a pep rally? A pep rally is a fun event where kids, teachers and everyone has fun celebrating a current or upcoming event.

This last last pep rally you had to bring in 3 cans of non perishable items to get into the pep rally for the cocoa tigers food drive . The pep rally takes place in our very own Cocoa High gym.

What happens in the gym? Students get entertained and have excitement by Dr. Johnson and Mr. Mitchell he usual is yelling for the spirit stick and sometimes we have a guest come out.

Every year each high school court has the opportunity to win the spirit stick for that year the jr’s won this year. Their is also games between each graduating year most of them football games . The band plays as loud at they can and everyone gets up to cheer it’s a very proud momento.

Each court has its very own section to be seated in but Some listen and some don’t ninth grade is usually the shyest to scream and cheer but trust tt’s a fun event. Pep rallies have special games to get the students pumped up and excited.

All teachers have a wonderful time at the pep rally too, some will participate in the games and activities. Not many pep rallies happen, only about 3 times a whole school year the school has one. It’s understandable because students have to miss a period for it.

High school students and middle school studies have there own pep rally. Next time there is one just think of what you just read and be there.