EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Cocoa High School Homecoming 2018

Written By: Jatana Folston

Homecoming was October 20th at 7pm on a Saturday night at the Cocoa High School Gym. Prior to entering homecoming the Cocoa High Students and guests took pictures at the Cocoa Riverfront.

The students were dressed appealing in their formal attire such as dresses, rompers, suits, or just some dress pants and a nice looking shirt with suspenders. Some students wore short dresses and some wore long; no matter the length the dresses were very nice and suited the occasion.

The guys were very handsome and majority wore flashy belts or loafers. The chaperones were very aware and made sure everything was appropriate.The DJ was always playing a hit to make sure everyone had a chance to bust out their moves on the dance floor.

The music was diverse such as hispanic, pop, hip-hop, and oldies songs in a shuffle. Food was supplied at the homecoming dance such as several flavors of wings such as barbeque, ranch, lemon pepper, teriyaki, and sweet and sour.

They also provided sandwiches such as ham and cheese, turkey and cheese, and bacon lettuce and tomato. Drinks such a fruit punch, lemonade, sprite, coca cola, and water were also given out at the refreshment table. Natasha Fuhrmann says “Homecoming was a blast, I can not weight for next years and what theme will be next”.

De’Asia Andrews said “I loved taking pictures at the riverfront it was very nice”. Bindi Patel sas “ helped set up homecoming because I am on SGA and our team did a good job of putting decorations together in a timely manner”. Jordan Rocco said “Me and my date looked super clean at Homecoming… you wanna see pictures?”.

Overall Homecoming’s Whispering Woods was a great turnout and the students had a lot of fun. Can not wait to see what the theme will be next year.