EDITORIAL: The Cost of Winning

EDITORIAL: The Cost of Winning

Written By: Katherine Hilbert

The academic team suffered a streak of losses these past two weeks. It started out simple enough, going through the five question round seemingly without a hitch. West Shore’s team pulled ahead, unshockingly taking the lead. It wasn’t until the second round that some inconsistencies happened.

“We got a few questions wrong in the first round and West Shore pulled ahead, there was no surprise there,” Reported Michael Browning, “But some stuff happened in the second round that caused a few of us to raise our eyebrows.”

West Shore continued to pull ahead, getting multiple questions right in the second round. And eventually the speaker told players to get the folder out for a written question. Players are always stressed to not take out the papers before the speaker announces “Open, distribute” to the other teams.

They always told players that was grounds for disqualification. However, one team did: Holy Trinity.
The coaches were very lenient about this, giving them a warning and informing them that in a state round, which is what each academic team prepares for, it would be a disqualification.

Still, they persisted on. West Shore continued to dominate through the third round followed by Holy Trinity, who still continued to break rules.

“The judges seemed forgiving about a direct violation to the rules. It seems very unfair considering just a few weeks ago Viera lost points for simply having a calculator on the desk.” Michael stated.

Towards the end of the third round, one of Holy Trinity’s team members who was competing at the table was on their phone twice, despite the rule stating “Electronic devices are to be in the off position during a competition, and should not be at the competition table. All forms of recording, messaging, as well as all other forms of electronic communication are prohibited during a competition.”

They ended up getting second place while Cocoa High was stuck in last.

Michael Browning later commented, “I’m not bitter about losing, we lost fair and square. But it’s not fair that they didn’t get points taken or something at least.”