The Big Green Fence

Written By: Michael Browning

In recent days construction equipment and their subsequent noises have radiated out of the recently erected green wall on the field between JROTC and building 11 encompassing the FPL solar array behind building 11.

The cat is out of the bag, it is a new building for classes. Some students have shown animosity for the construction project, while other are extatic for it to be completed. Teachers are ready for the new building too. Mrs. Brockmeyer had this to say, “I’m sad about the trees being removed, and I think it is distracting with all the noise.”

Mrs. Brockmeyer is on of the few teachers who are closest to the active construction. Wharton-Smith is the construction company involved with the project. The project is projected to cost upwards of $10 Million, this is split between two projects however, the new 12 room building, and the gutting and re-design of building 18.

The latter is slated to take place in late May-July 2019, whilst the new building is predicted to finish before school is out for the summer. The new classes are to be focused on CTE – Career Technical Education – thus those who thought the portables were leaving, they aren’t.

There are also no plans in the works to remove said portables. This however may be good news, as this allows for bigger classrooms in the new building instead of many smaller rooms to accomodate the portables.

Whilst not set in stone 4” PVC was laid in the east part of the construction site, suggesting that there might be restrooms in the building or on a seperate building nearby. This may however, not be implemented as the building 11 restrooms are less than 50 yards south east of where the pipe was laid.

Nevertheless the new building will be a welcome addition to the campus of Cocoa High School, allowing our CTE program to expand and grow with the ever evolving times.