SPORTS SPOTLIGHT: Lady Tigers Soccer Team Starts Practicing

SPORTS SPOTLIGHT: Lady Tigers Soccer Team Starts Practicing

Written By: Nadia Puga

The girls soccer team has finally had their first practice to start of their season. Just a couple weeks ago there was conditioning, leading into their tryouts last week- where there was a huge turnout. The lady tigers are coming in with a full junior varsity and a varsity team.

Stephanie Fernandez, varsity player, says “We’re glad there were so many new girls that came, excited to see how this season will go.” Which is exactly how one should be at this time of the season, the first few practices are always ideal in a team setting, as throughout the season.

Last week Friday was the final day for their tryouts, ending with a scrimmage where junior varsity and varsity conquered each other, leaving the varsity team notorious.

Beforehand the players were told what team they had been assigned to by none other than their varsity mother and daughter coaches Danielle and Meagan O’Reilly. Varsity player Brittany Garcia added, “I can already tell this year is going to be a good one.”

These girls are also expected to do great things this year as coach O’Reilly said, “We expect to make it to at least the first game of districts.” With so many new players, fresh faces, they are not far from achieving their goals.

Following into their first day of practice, the girls mostly went over the basics of the game. Going into depth with them by following the drills and terms they had just talked about prior to beginning the exercises.

Examples included “stepping up”, goal kicks, corner kicks, etc. And throw ins were covered today. “It’s always good to get the basics covered,” agreed Melany Rodas, varsity player.

As the week progresses, the lady tigers will be working hard, all the way to their first game in November. Make sure to clear your calendars for this date as they will be playing back to back games at home.