EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Dazzling Heels Take the Field

Written By: Jordyn Mitchell

October 19th holds our Cocoa Tiger annual homecoming football game. We have our beautiful homecoming winners come in their beautiful dresses, giving us a sneak peek of what they’re going to wear to homecoming.

The Tigers faced off against Bartram Trail and ended up beating them. Halftime came along, it was what we all have been waiting for. In the middle of third set our beautiful homecoming court come walking in with their extravagant dresses.

I interviewed one of our homecoming princesses Andrea Delcher, asking about her experience running for homecoming court. Ms. Delcher expressed to me that it can be “money consuming, but fun”.

Ms. Delcher was escorted by her friend Jeremiah Lennear. Even though part of her response was that running for homecoming is money consuming I still had to ask her if she would do it again. Homecoming court winner Andrea Delcher responded with “of course I would do it again.

I’m already thinking of new campaign posters for next year”. Many people would say homecoming court is just a popularity contest. This next homecoming court winner may give you a different point of view.

Four time homecoming court winner, Marriah Foster, seems to come off as a saint and simply enjoys running for homecoming court for the fun of it. I asked Ms. Foster if anyone would’ve won homecoming court other than herself this year who would you have liked it to be.

Ms. Foster responds with “Honestly, I would’ve  loved to see everyone win”. I followed up that question with “Did you think you were going to place this year?”. Ms. Foster responds with “Honestly I did think I would’ve placed but, I never thought I would win queen”.

Ms. Foster is homecoming queen of class 2019. She stated that there’s no kind of technique to win and that all you have to do is be yourself. So, do you want to run for homecoming king or queen?