ACADEMIC SPOTLIGHT: Algebra One End of Course Assessment

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Written By: Dale Garvey

The Algebra one end of course exam is the final exam for Algebra one. This exam takes everything you learn throughout the year and make questions around it all.

This test is one of the most important exams in high school as it is needed to graduate. It is very important to pass on the first attempt or you will have to take it year after year

The reason taking the Algebra EOC year and year again is a bad thing is as you progress in math you start to forget what you learned in Algebra and you don’t retain all of the knowledge you learned through the course.

Algebra teacher Ms. Smith told us “ It is important that you pass the Algebra EOC while you’re in Algebra 1 because statistically it is proven that students who take the EOC after leaving Algebra 1 have less of a chance to pass.”

There was another option for students who needed the Algebra EOC credit. It was the Perk test. The Perk test was a easier test for students who failed the Algebra EOC and needed the credit.

This test was also all multiple choice and you did not have to show work to get the answer. The choice was just an easier alternative to students who needed the credit

For students who need help with Algebra or math there are options. First of all, there is the at school tutoring. The school tutoring is every Tuesday and Thursday after school teachers and peer tutors will assist you.

The second option is Algebra Nation. Algebra Nation is an app you can download on your launchpad that has videos that will help you understand whatever you need to learn.

Then there is Khan Academy which is a website and a YouTube channel. Khan Academy has videos about basically everything in math for just about any grade. He also explains how to do a math problem just like a teacher would.

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ACADEMIC SPOTLIGHT: Algebra One End of Course Assessment