A Day in the Life of a Journalism Student

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Written By: Diane Jimenez

When you first come in class you receive a great welcome. Everyone comes in laughing and trying their best to get a good grade. As soon as all journalists walk in your suppose start doing the teleprompter. What is that? Well that’s what every journalist reads when making the news.

There are 5 desks in total. Weather desk, sports desk, news desk and student and culture life, lastly the editing desk. The first four desks are the one’s making the news and the teleprompter. The editing and directing desk are the ones putting the news together and recording the news.

It’s a long process to record and edit. People make silly mistakes that have to be recorded over and over. The news is what everyone looks at for there information of weekly news. Everyone in the class try to come up with new segments and information to make the news more excited.

Highlights of the game go on the news, important reports and much more. The news get started at 9am. Which the teacher asks all desk to get ready to start recording. Then the “ON AIR” light go on and it’s time to make magic begin.

The director records the news on an iPod the class has and once every desk has recorded their segment the pass it on to the editor. Which he or she are the ones putting the news together. The editor puts the credits and videos on.

If the desks take long to record, it takes time to edit. Time in journalism goes by very fast. The class is fun and exciting. Something everyone should try. Everyones participation is very useful. Reporting after school events and during school events are cool. It’s a great experience.

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A Day in the Life of a Journalism Student