SPORTS SPOTLIGHT: The Final Match for the Academic Team

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Written By: Katie Hilbert

On Monday November 5th the Academic team traveled to their final match in Viera. The team was nervous, for they had experienced a stream of losses for the last three weeks. But this also gave them determination.

Because this was the last match it meant that they did not want to get last place.
“It really sucks getting last place, so we knew we didn’t want our lasting memory of this season to be getting last place. We wanted to go for the gold,” Reported Michael Browning.

They entered and the round commenced. Round one kicked off with a hitch, two of the players getting some of the questions right. It had started to seem like the team was in a good position, but it was still close throughout. “It was a close game throughout,” Commented Michael Browning.

Round two kicked off a little shaky. Some question were answered wrong, putting the team behind. Luckily, they were able to regain some of the points back by the end of the round. Then they were one of the teams to dominate the group questions.

“We did the best we could to the best of our abilities,” Michael reported. Round three went trough quiet for the most part, with the exception of Michael answering a question that scared most of the team. Luckily he got it right.

By the time round three was over, Cocoa dominated the group round and ended up getting 4th. Viera topped it out with 1st place. Even though they did not win, the team was still satisfied with the place they got.

“It was fun and really exciting and we did the best we could,” Milton Perez exclaimed, “But next year we will do better.” “We did our best to the very end,” Kaleb commented solemnly.

The team was so satisfied that on the way back, they stopped and got milkshakes from Steak and Shake. Reports say they were delicious.

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SPORTS SPOTLIGHT: The Final Match for the Academic Team