EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Tie Day for the Seniors

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Written By: Nick Thompson

On Friday, November 16, 2018 it was tie day for the all the senior boys and the varsity football team at Cocoa High School.

They had a few guest speakers such as Major Wright, a football player. In the beginning it started with most of the guest speakers speaking about the backstories and how they became the person they were today.

None of the students at the time knew that Major Wright was the a surprise guest speaker. After the other guest speakers finished talking Wright busted through the side doors and ran onto the stage. He spoke about how he got his football championship rings and how he became a professional football player. Wright was talking about what made his football team work as one.

“There is no ‘I’ in team” said Wright. During his speech he spoke directly to the football team and gave them very helpful advice on how to work as a team and talked about that they should love each other as brothers and trust each other to do their part for the team.

After his speech he asked for some volunteers to be in a dance-off against him. A few students went up there with Wright, after the dance-off started everyone was very excited and after a while Major Wright got all the senior boys and the football team to go up there and dance together.

It was a very inspirational night for the varsity football team. Wright told them to never give up on their dreams and always keep striving for your goals. Major Wright played for the University of Florida, a.k.a the Florida Gators.

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EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Tie Day for the Seniors