Senior Year

Senior year is the most anticipated time of a student’s high school career. Skip day, pranks, prom, and graduation seem to be the only think that all underclassmen seem to desire. 

    Seniors, however, think very differently. With average test scores, college recommendations, and future plans breathing down their backs at every second of the day, most seniors find that the wait wasn’t worth the growth. 

      “I have so many responsibilities. College is practically here and I have no idea what I’m going to do” says senior, Nora Lopez. “I have good grades, but sometimes that’s not enough. “ 

A common worry within the senior community- SAT scores and scholarships. Almost so that most of the class of 2020 has driven themselves mad with numbers and how those numbers affect their academic advantages. 

        “My SAT scores were average, but the $50 fee for retesting has stopped me from retakes. I’m obviously going to retake it but it’s stressed me out more than the thought of college” says Luis Maldonado, an honors student. “I have college to fall back on at eastern Florida but that’s never ideal.” 

          Not only are good scores and grades a problem, but also senioritis, a common disease found in literally every upperclassmen at this school. Without motivation, senior year is just that much more complicated. 

           “All I want to do is sleep, if I even show up” says senior, kaylee Palacious, when asked how she feels about finally reaching her senior year. “I’m tired of high school, but I know it’s my last year. 

           After all, maybe senior year is not what it seems. Minus grad bash, prom, and even senior skip day, senior year is only junior year but with less motivation. Looking back, however, senior year is the most memorable, so even if it involves the most work, it’s the only one worth capturing.