Student Gossip and Bullying

Gossip, gossip , gossip ! What’s new in a generation full of hormonal kids? Of course there are still the ones who believe in how things were done back in the day , but apparently it’s not enough of them to even put a dent into a better generation. This generation tends to mind everyone’s business but their own , hypocritical and childish would describe how inappropriate gossip is. There are multiple reasons why gossip can be categorized as toxic. Worrying about who the information came from, how the words got mixed up, and why someone you do not communicate with knows your business. “A dog that will fetch a bone, will carry it. Anyone who will gossip to you will gossip about you, people that gossip are insecure, they want to point out flaws of others to make themselves feel like they’re on top” , “says former Cocoa High student Chaniya Clarke. Student gossip has gotten out of control and has worsened this generation dramatically. Something to really think about as a parent when your child is at school gossiping or being the one gossiped about. Also if your a student who is the cause of rumors being spread around and getting mixed in drama rather than being a change, a solution, or a way to better anyones high school experience. Now for bullying, which can be a serious problem in children’s social lives, but psychologists are finding that other, more subtle forms of peer maltreatment can also wreak havoc on adjustment. Recent studies of peer exclusion and malicious gossip shed light not only on the harmful impact of social snubs, but also how these behaviors change as children mature. “If you’re a bully you have absolutely nothing better to do with your life, what you’re going through should not have to be taken out on another student. It is wrong and needs to come to a complete stop if we all want to be better role models, “ says former Cocoa High student De’Asia Andrews. If this is what is mostly impacting generation z then why isn’t there change happening, it starts with us and it needs to start now.