The AVID program

At cocoa high school we have been pushing our students to be apart of the Avid program The program has a great effects on the students like Organization, help with colleges, figure out what colleges they may want to attend and etc. Mrs.Enneking the Avid teacher for 8th and 9th grades. She has just started teaching this program this year she says “ It’s important for our students to have the opportunity to learn and do things they don’t in regular core classes.the avid program is a great opportunity for students to learn life skills that allows students to be successful during highschool and after graduation no matter what career they choose .I love the change that AVID has provided me this year I am able to build stronger relationships with students because we talk about more than just academic subjects i am excited to continue to build the AVID program at cocoa high so we can reach more students in the future” Different teacher have different ways to teach strategies, life skills etc. The AVID program has many different strategies but are all under one big one called WICOR. Our AVID teacher for 10th grade Ms.Gondek says “well the avid program helps our students become college and career ready by the use of tutorial and WICOR strategies Writing – Inquiry – Collaboration – Organization – Reading. This is my third year and each year I learn something new about me and students. Student enrollment is able to double this school year and we have three additional teachers Ms.Smith , Ms Tilson , Mrs. Enneking and myself”