Student Athletes

Besides school what is a better way to prepare yourself in the future or even in life in general ? Being a student athlete can affect your life in more ways than you know , all it takes is dedication and perseverance. On average a student who can manage their time and do a sport they love is more effective in a classroom because they have a plan to keep grades up in order to play the sport they want . “Having a watch will improve your time management skills , not only for a sport but also in everyday life” says Liana Tyson a track star at Cocoa High. Being able to do what you love and being on time for things you don’t necessarily enjoy more than others can set off a good example for job hiring and demonstrate how good of a candidate you’d be just because you’re always on time. Being a student athlete involves support and a support system generally speaking , consist of family , friends and coaches . Sure one can play a sport without support but it gives more purpose when you have someone in your corner . It encourages you to play harder and to have the mindset that the next game or meet will be even better. As a teammate you also work on your communication skills , in the workforce this skill is very much needed. Motivation, perseverance, and even respect fall under being a student athlete , which is all the reason to encourage someone to do a sport to better their life . If becoming an athlete doesn’t help in one way it’ll help in another , it gives one a chance to be greater in life and also figure what they love to do . It’s just something to think about next time you see a sign of sheet for a sport , take the chance , join the team and be something more !