The Guide to being a great student athlete…

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First and foremost, you should do your work as soon as you get it. Do not prolong your work. As a student athlete, you must be on top of all of your work. Establishing relationships with your teachers and or professors, trust me it’s helpful. You should at all times utilize tutors and value support. To add to that you should always maximize your time in study hall. If your still not getting the help you need from your teacher and or your professor seek help from other athletes that you know are on top of it all. Being a student athlete is beneficial and it provides discipline. It takes commitment and the ability to recognize what is important. Learning discipline prepares athletes for the future of a career and family life,especially when it comes to time management. The life lessons you should expect to learn from being a student athlete is you should be passionate, perseverance is key, you should always remember that defeat is a choice, you can either give up and give in or give it your all no matter the score, you should stay focused and classy, push yourself everyday, step outside your comfort zone, and always have respect for others as well as yourself . These skills could really help you especially in college. Despite their lower grades, strong evidence suggests that athletes are more likely to graduate college than non-athletes. According to NCAA Approximately 86 percent of their Divisions athletes graduate from college.