Defense Story Against The Dress Code

For this article, the theme is just about the Dress Code and how some parts of it does not make any sense. High School is like a second home to some students and they tend to wear whatever makes themselves happy, or to show off impression. In my experience, I’ve observed dozens of students every school year being accused of violating the Dress Code either in a polite way or a harsh way. Mostly girls get scolded or politely accused for having their shoulders exposed which is a normal part of society. Every girl who wears a dress has their shoulders exposed when they are at social gatherings, business meetings, parties, or anywhere out in public. A high number of girls out there could not go through one school day without being dress-coded and reprimanded for the clothes they wear. All other Dress Code rules, I respect but this rule that which states no girl should not be allowed to show shoulders is beyond ridiculous. I’d say stop it now and if it’s really distracting to you, then stay home and don’t be around people if you can’t help yourself but judge what they wear. These girls are being sexually harassed, scolded, and sexualized really severely. If you think you can sexualize a girl whose shoulders are shown, then you have a huge issue and I don’t want to know what is going through your mind. Fix whatever issue you have and leave these students alone and let them get an education! I respect the fact that girls wear whatever makes them happy and comfortable. I am against all schools who enforce every student to wear uniforms which is absolutely ludicrous. It’s like a miniature version of the Marine Corps when every student wears the same uniform which makes me mad. I declare that this rule about girls with exposed shoulders should be repealed permanently right now!