School Bathrooms

Have you ever wondered who would clean up the things teenagers mess up at school if we didn’t have janitorial or custodial ? Kids ranging from elementary to high schoolers who tend to act a different age than wheat they are make things harder , not only for teachers but other facility as well . Yes everyone has a job for a reason but why have to work harder when you can work smarter and less while still getting paid the same. It’s sad that teenagers only take care of what they want but when it comes to things they don’t pay for it is another story . “It is not a pretty site walking into the high school restroom and seeing how horribly treated they are” says tenth grader Pachance Calhoun . Treat things how you would want others to treat yours is a great motto that could help change teenagers perspectives and not to mention make janitors lives a whole lot easier . Not only do school bathrooms give off a bad impression on how students live at home but demonstrates the lack of respect students show faculty. When entering a bathroom and there is something out of place that could be fixed like picking up trash off the floor , one should take that opportunity and set a good example for other kids. Imagine walking into someone’s house and seeing , food on the floor , an odor smell or even trash just floating around . “It is always better to do the right thing , especially when no one is looking” says twelfth grader Dawn Seymour . It is clear that females should act more ladylike and boys should grow up , there is a time and that time is now . Just something to think about next time you walk into a restroom and wonder trying to fit in means destroying something you won’t have to clean up or to act a different age and be “cool” .