CHS Guard

Ms. Makenzie the guard sponsor says “ I am the sponsor of color guard where you will see them dancing out there with the band or on the field with flags and patons” The color guard is a visual interpretation of the band where you will enjoy your time while you are out there. “ you can join by going to practice in the spring and we have something called the “clinic” in the is the time to see if you can try out to see how well you can remember the routines, and once you become a member of the guard you will go to the football games and practices, with and without band.” You are also expected to stay out of trouble and maintain good grades. When you see the color guard they always have a smile on their face. They have different performances that they will do during the Friday night game and they all will dance with passion . Color guard has “set” when they are in set it shows that they are ready to dance or just got done dancing.