New Airpod Pro’s

Just recently, Apple dropped a new product. They dropped a third version of Airpods called the Airpod Pro’s. The airpods have a noise cancellation feature. There is also a transparency mode so you can hear what’s happening around you. Supposedly they fit comfortly as well. There is three flexible silicone pieces to choose to fit on the airpods. The most exciting part about the airpods is the noise cancellation feature. The noise cancellation is continuously adjusted at 200 times per second. The feature is supposed to help you better enjoy your music and hear your calls. Inside, the airpods are built with special technologies to make a better listening experience. You can listen for 24 hours as long as they are charged multiple times in the case. You can listen four and half hours on one charge. Lastly, you can listen for one hour on five minutes of charging. The total price of the Airpod Pro’s are $250.
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