Effective Studying



I believed in studying just because I knew education was a privilege. It was the discipline of study, to get into the habit of doing something that you don’t want to do.” ~Wynton Marsalis

          Having a hard time keeping up with classwork ? Have the attention span of a squirrel ? Trying to find ways to pass that math test next week ?
Scientists have proven that student’s approach to studying is a big factor with how well it actually works. If you delve into English notes and constantly tell yourself they aren’t helping, then how are you supposed to do well. Go into study sessions with the mindset of learning something new and the confidence that you’ll pass. Also, find a quiet, distraction-free area to get your study on! It isn’t ideal to study with music or the TV shouting at you or even obnoxious people gossiping about their latest relationship when you’re trying to understand the gossip involved with Pride and Prejudice.

Cramming- we’ve all done it. That last minute look at math notes right before the test, and then realizing you looked over the wrong notes. It doesn’t help you or your grade. Schedule study sessions throughout the week for a certain amount of time, and then keep up with that schedule. Spending nights with several cups of coffee, every set of notes you’ve ever taken, and the remnants of our scattered brain, is not how we want to spend our school year.

We all remember our Dear Aunt Sally as she’s helped us get through the resilient years of order of operations. And are old pal Roy G. Biv, who helped us remember the colors of the rainbow. All of those fun, catchy mnemonics helped us pass those math quizzes and show our teachers and peers that we’ve memorized the eight planets. Make up new simple shortcuts to easily remember what you’ve learned.

Who would want to come home from a long day at school or practice and study, when you can’t even keep one eye open ? But I bet you didn’t know that studying before you go to bed is actually beneficial. When you’re tired and study, your brain actually strengthens new memories. So, study after football or band practice even if you don’t feel like it, and you can always review what you looked at the next morning.