Chilly Spooky Weather

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Image result for cold weather and pumpkin For those who don’t enjoy the cool weather, I’ve got some bad news: It’s about to start getting chilly out. For those who enjoy it I guess you can sit back and relax as others gripe and complain about how bad ” they need lotion.”

Its starting to get chilly out, that calls for sweater weather! That also means hoodie season is in, remember you still have to follow school dress code which means that those temperatures have to drop below 60 degrees, which is PRETTY cold, in order for you to be able to walk around with them on. Other than clothing, what else do you do during this frigid weather? Do you huddle around campfires at night, or do you wake up to the smell of hot cocoa? Neither of them your cup of tea? Maybe you wake up early for runs before school, or you have some after school activities you’re looking forward to. No matter what it may be, remember to dress weather appropriate.

Maybe it’s not all at school, but at home instead. Do you like to carve pumpkins, hang up decorations or maybe just bake something for this upcoming festive event? Yes, HALLOWEEN! Or maybe you’re just waiting till the day of halloween so you can go out and receive FREE candy from others. Remember to always stay safe while trick or treating and make sure you have fun!

Perhaps the most famous icon of the holiday is the jack-o-lantern.  Various authorities attribute it to either Scottish or Irish origin.  However, it seems clear that it was used as a lantern by people who traveled the road this night, the scary face to frighten away spirits or faeries who might otherwise lead one astray.  Set on porches and in windows, they cast the same spell of protection over the household.  (The American pumpkin seems to have forever superseded the European gourd as the jack-o-lantern of choice.)  Bobbing for apples may well represent the remnants of a Pagan ‘baptism’ rite called a ‘seining’, according to some writers.  The water-filled tub is a latter-day Cauldron of Regeneration, into which the novice’s head is immersed.  The fact that the participant in this folk game was usually blindfolded with hands tied behind the back also puts one in mind of a traditional Craft initiation ceremony.
–   Mike Nichols, All Hallow’s Eve

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Chilly Spooky Weather