• 15 Days til Christmas!!!!!!
  • Cocoa vs. Rockledge Football game This Friday 11/01/2019
  • Homecoming Saturday is October 26, 2019

EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Dazzling Heels Take the Field

Jordyn Mitchell, Contributor

November 8, 2018

Written By: Jordyn Mitchell October 19th holds our Cocoa Tiger annual homecoming football game. We have our beautiful homecoming winners come in their beautiful dresses, giving us a sneak peek of what they’re going to wear...

The Big Green Fence

Michael Browning, Contributor

November 6, 2018

Written By: Michael Browning In recent days construction equipment and their subsequent noises have radiated out of the recently erected green wall on the field between JROTC and building 11 encompassing the FPL solar array...

EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Cocoa High School Homecoming 2018

Jata Folston, Contributor

November 5, 2018

Written By: Jatana Folston Homecoming was October 20th at 7pm on a Saturday night at the Cocoa High School Gym. Prior to entering homecoming the Cocoa High Students and guests took pictures at the Cocoa Riverfront. The students...

EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Cocoa High School 2018 Pep Rally

Diane Jimenez, Contributor

November 5, 2018

Written By: Diane Jimenez The school pep rally is about excitement! Everyone in school likes going although some do not. What is a pep rally? A pep rally is a fun event where kids, teachers and everyone has fun celebrating...


Dale Garvey, Contributor

November 5, 2018

Written By: Dale Garvey JROTC is an elective that students can enroll in when the make it to high school. JROTC is a Leadership program with the goal of motivating young people to be better citizens. JROTC is basically a...

SPORT SPOTLIGHT: Interview With Two Players From the Girls Soccer Team

Yuliza Godinez, Contributor

October 25, 2018

Written By: Yuliza Godinez This week these tiger ladies I’ll be interviewing them about their soccer conditioning. Today I’ll be asking the girls soccer team about their practice. First question I asked Nadia Puga was “How...

EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Cocoa High School Homecoming

Nicholas Thompson, Contributor

October 25, 2018

Written By: Nicholas Thompson What is homecoming? Homecoming is a high school, college, or university game, dance, or other event to which people are invited. Cocoa High School’s homecoming occured on Saturday, October 20,...