• 15 Days til Christmas!!!!!!
  • Cocoa vs. Rockledge Football game This Friday 11/01/2019
  • Homecoming Saturday is October 26, 2019
Jatana Folston is a seventeen year old senior attending Cocoa High School. She has an interest in writing and hopes her second year of Journalism class is filled with intense research on intriguing subjects and reporting news the school would love to hear. Writing is a very special component of Jatana’s life because it soothes her and releases her inner thoughts. In the fall, Jatana relaxes at home studying for school. Jatana spends her time after school in the Spring season running track and staying physically fit. Jatana is looking forward to great learning experiences in her second year of being a Cocoa High student. She hopes to gather as much information as she can about writing before graduating from high school this year.


Jatana Folston, Contributor