• 15 Days til Christmas!!!!!!
  • Cocoa vs. Rockledge Football game This Friday 11/01/2019
  • Homecoming Saturday is October 26, 2019

Gustavo is a Senior at Cocoa High School, he is currently 17-years-old. Gustavo’s nickname is “Gusto” (Like translated from Spanish.) If you catch him walking around and ask him what is he up to, he’s happy or always “just chillin.” He has a 2016 Charger named “Cindel” (named after his bestfriend) and has had four cars. On the weekends, he’s working with a drywall company, and most of the week, he is over at Cindel’s house watching movies on lifetime. Ask Gusto “which way” and he’ll reply with his catchphrase, “yeah, The Gusto Way.”

Gustavo Arguello, Contributor

Jan 31, 2018
Robbery on Campus? (Story)
Gustavo Arguello